A New Chapter

Over the past year, our team has worked hard to collaborate on the new brand design as well as building the future of Scanway. Since 1981, Scanway has enjoyed a rich history in Halifax starting from humble beginnings. Since then, Scanway has grown into a household name, which is why when the business was sold in 2017, the Gupta family the decision was made to retain the Scanway name and brand. The new leadership team wanted to ensure that we were able to establish our own values and reputation through the product that was ultimately ending up on our customer's plate prior to making any major changes. During that period we have secured multiple partnerships with venues throughout Halifax to fundamentally shift ourselves away from simply being a private caterer by utilizing our combined 70 years experience to operate as a third-party Food & Beverage management company. Taking a look at our menu, our chefs have combined international flavors with a Maritime feel to provide a unique fusion of comfort and adventure. While the Scanway brand has remained, all other aspects of the business have drastically shifted. When reflecting back on 2018, it became clear that it was finally time for a new beginning for our brand.

Long recognized as a top catering company in Halifax, Scanway is appreciated not only for our great food and service but for keeping the feeling of a family run business. As new catering competition enters the market, Scanway now faces tougher competition than ever and cannot solely rely on its past reputation to continue to grow. It's now finally time for the "new" Scanway to debut a brand that is as strong as its history. The new brand speaks to the quality, history, and longevity but also the growth and innovation of the company - marrying the last 35 years with the future. A brand is more than just a logo, it's a story of how the business interacts with people. New brands have the opportunity to create a brand and then live by it, but with Scanway we had the opportunity to take what's been lived and create a brand around it. We are extremely proud of our new brand and where it will take us in the future. Special thanks to the awesome folks at InTouch Communications for their support throughout the entirety of this project! We hope you will continue to support us through this change as we aim to provide the highest levels of quality and service.

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