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"Eat Local, Experience Global."

With A History for Excellence

We turn full-service and offsite catering into an art form.

We think differently about food; it’s not just something you taste, it’s something you experience - at Scanway we base our business operations on that philosophy.

Our Story

Situated in the heart of downtown Halifax, Grafton St. Café welcomes you into our warm, inviting space with sweet and savory delights that appeal to all your senses.

Scanway Catering
1505 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
Find us on the B1 Level
Phone: (902) 425-0386
Fax: (902) 422-5743
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

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(902) 425-0386


Grafton St. Cafè
1567 Grafton Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Phone: (902) 425-0683
Monday to Saturday 8:30am- 5:00pm