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Welcome to Pantry - our packaged meal delivery service! We launched Pantry, in March 2020 We hope to to bring our high-end event and restaurant-quality food, right to your front door!

To make things easy, you can order from our wide menu selection HERE using our online ordering tool "Tock." Tock, simply facilitates your transaction and you can pick up your fresh or frozen meals from our kitchen.

Meals are delivered cold with heating instructions (provided below). Meals can be enjoyed right away or from frozen - our state-of-the-art vacuum sealers ensure meals stay fresh for up to a month in the freezer. All meals are portioned for single-serving - provided in sustainable, compostable packaging that is microwave and oven-safe.

To learn more about this initiative you can read here! If you have any questions, please contact

PICK-UP ONLY. Cut-off time for orders is 11:45 PM the previous day.

Heating Instructions | Order your cake online


*EXPIRATION: Soups & entrées are 5 days from pick up and 2 months from frozen or frozen meals.
Dessert for 2 days, do not freeze. Bowls are 4 days from pick up, do not freeze.

*All Salads, Soups, and Entrées include grilled focaccia bread with butter

Individual Frozen Meals

Beef Stew with vegetables and roast baby potato (GF) - $14.50 

Thai Chicken Curry with Rice (GF) - $14.50 

Grilled Chicken with sweet potato, broccoli, and quinoa(GF) - $14.50 

Atlantic Salmon with seasonal vegetables, green lentils & Cajun tomato sauce (GF, DF, V)  - $15.50

BBQ Pork with turmeric cauliflower and honey-roasted sweet potato  - $14.50


Butternut Squash Creamy Soup 1 litre (VEG) $22.00 

Mulligatawny Soup 1 litre (VEG) $22.00
Fragrant Indian soup, spiced with curry, lentils, carrots, apple, and coconut milk


Tandoori Chicken Makhani "butter chicken" (32oz) $54
with Pilaf Rice raita and Naan 

Goat cheese and roasted vegetable lasagna $42.50
with Garlic and cheese bread stick 

Pesto marinated Chicken breast (21oz) $46
with grilled vegetables and roast potato 

Whole Roast Chicken (cut into 4) $42
with roasted Cajun baby potato and Normandy vegetables 

Beef Stew (24oz) $42
with mushroom and vegetables with buttered pasta and vegetables 

Lemon Pepper Salmon 4 oz X 4 $52
with Orzo pasta and grilled vegetables 

Rack of lamb (7 bones) $62
with smashed potato and Normandy vegetable 

4 Oz x 4 Beef striploin steak $68
with roast potato and grilled Asparagus 

Chicken Biryani $36
with papadum and Raita 

Spiced Chickpea Ragout with Pilaf Rice (GF, DF, V) $32
"Chole” is a traditional Indian dish made with chickpea, coriander, tomato, and garam masala, served with basmati pilaf rice and Naan

Cheese and Charcuterie (For 4 people) $44
Various assorted cheeses including cambozola, blue cheese, Boursin, and Brie plus an assortment of Italian meats, bread and crackers

Samosa –8 pieces  $24
With tamarind and coriander chutney


The Indian Bowl  $16
Tandoori Marinated chicken breast with brown rice, red onion, tomatoes, cilantro, spinach, eggplant, zucchini, paneer, naan, and chickpeas. Served with butter chicken dressing. 

The Thai Bowl $17
Coconut chicken with brown rice, red cabbage, asparagus, carrot, tomato, turmeric cauliflower, sweet potato, toasted peanut. Served with lemongrass curry dressing.

The Mediterranean Bowl $16
Chicken breast with barley, quinoa, orzo pasta, mung bean, black bean, corn, red onion, sweet potato, toasted tandoori spiced pecan, parsley, cherry tomatoes, roasted cumin, maple chilli. Served with yogurt & cilantro dressing.

The Tex Mex Bowl (Vegan, GF) $16
Cilantro rice, sweet potato, pico de gallo, tofu, guacamole, corn, black bean. Served with Cajun vinaigrette. 

The Turmeric Bowl (Vegan, GF) $16
Barley, kale, turmeric cauliflower, Edamame, chickpea, green lentil, sweet potato. Served with curry vinaigrette.


8oz Striploin Steak  (GF option available) Served Medium Rare $34
Grilled 8 oz. beef strip loin with sauteed mushroom, sweet, caramelized onion, rosemary salt dusted mashed potatoes and thyme demi 

Spiced Chickpea Ragout with Pilaf Rice (GF, DF, V) $16
"Chole” is a traditional Indian dish made with chickpea, coriander, tomato, and garam masala, served with basmati pilaf rice and Naan 

Beef Stew "Stroganoff" $18.50
Hearty AAA beef cubes with chunky vegetables served with roast potato and vegetables, roll and butter 

Butter Chicken $18.50
Tandoori Chicken with Buttercream sauce served with rice and buttered naan 

Grilled Salmon $19.50
6 oz fresh Salmon, lemon cream sauce, creamy orzo pasta, seasonal vegetables 

Mac N'Cheese with BBQ pulled pork $15.50
Creamy butter cream sauce, panko, cheddar, and Jarlsberg cheese

Stuffed Chicken Breast $21.50
Spinach and feta, basil cream sauce, garlic creamy smashed potato and grilled asparagus 

Chicken and Salmon Duo $21
Stuffed Breast of Chicken with grilled salmon served with garlic smashed potato, asparagus, and grilled pepper 

Pasta Grilled Vegetable Lasagna (VEG) $16
Spinach, zucchini, peppers, carrots, eggplant, mushroom, bocconcini, & cheddar Monterey jack cheese. Served with garlic focaccia. 


10oz AA Prime Rib $34.50
Butter asparagus, sautéed spinach w garlic cream, sweet potato mash w honey & maple.

Garlic Herb Rack of Lamb $38
Butter asparagus, sautéed spinach w garlic cream, sweet potato mash w honey & maple.


  • Carrot and Cheesecake with Walnuts -$7.50
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding - $7.50
  • Vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake- 7.50
  • Dark and White Chocolate mousse Cake - $7.50
  • Oatmeal spiced Apple crumble - $6.50 


  • House White Wine - $18
  • House Red Wine - $18

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