Queen Ann’s Lace Reception

Elegant hors d’oeuvres served butler-style on beautiful glass platters.
8 pieces per person

Smoked Salmon Canapés with Daikon Flowers
Pickled Jumbo Shrimp with Wasabi Mayonnaise on Cucumber Slices
Grape Tomatoes and Basil Bruschetta on Crostini
Strawberries filled with Lemon Pepper Cream Cheese
Toasted Sesame Seed Bouchées filled with Thai Chicken Salad
Phyllo Pastry filled with Peach Cream Cheese and Toasted Pecans


Choose one:
A Scanway Wedding Cake decorated with Fresh Flowers
Mini Cupcakes on a Tiered Cake Stand
Fruit Punch with Frozen Berry Ice Cubes
Coffee and Tea Service