Cakes + Desserts

Cakes and Desserts

*All cakes can be picked-up at 1567 Grafton Street.  Please contact our Catering Manager (Monday-Friday) to place your cake orders.

Cakes and Tortes

Princess Martha raspberry torte

Norwegian marzipan cake

Fresh cream torte with seasonal fruit and berries

Lemon chiffon with lemon curd

Roasted hazelnut with mocha cream

Chocolate fudge with ganache and chocolate buttercream

Black Forest cake

6”        8”         10”        12”        14”

1/2 sheet cake (48-60 pieces)
full sheet cake (100 -120 pieces)

Opera Torte
(Double chocolate espresso ganache with dacquoise & mocha butter cream)


Scanway’s caramel cake

6”       10”

Carrot cake


Pound Cakes

Lemon raspberry with raspberry buttercream

Marble with white chocolate buttercream

Vanilla with buttercream and fresh mango layered with white chocolate

6”        8”         10”        12”        14”

1/2 sheet cake
(token pieces 100 -115)
(dessert pieces 48 -60)

full sheet cake
(token pieces 180 -200)
(dessert pieces 100 -120)


Lemon with fresh fruit or lemon curd

Vanilla with raspberry swirl

Callebaut chocolate capuccino

Lemon with Nova Scotia blueberries

Vanilla with chocolate truffle swirl


Mousse Tortes

Strawberry mousse and lime curd

Vanilla-mango and dark chocolate

Milk and dark chocolate mousse with praline crunch

White chocolate, caramel and almonds



Fresh fruit with vanilla bean custard

Scanway apple flan with rum soaked raisins and slivered almonds

Frangipan and raspberry puré

Key lime

Chocolate satin

Lemon flan with tangy lemon curd

Chocolate pecan


Chocolate Decadence

LeNôtre chocolate terrine with pistachios and raspberry coulis

serves 10

King Olav chocolate truffle torte


Sæge Bailey’s and brownie torte


Diabetic Cake

Choice of chocolate or vanilla sponge cake, fresh cream or vanilla mousse
– optional layered fresh fruit –


Gluten-Free Cakes

King Olav chocolate truffle torte

Almond meringue with vanilla mousse topped with fresh fruit


Vegan Cake

Dark chocolate cake layered with whipped chocolate and raspberry ganache


Dessert Tray

Assorted Scanway cookies,chocolates, truffles,tarts & Unni’s Famous Florentines

x-small (20 pieces)  small (40 pieces)
medium (70 pieces)  large (100 pieces)


Unni’s Famous Florentine’s

Assorted jumbo cookies

Assorted small cookies


Scanway chocolate truffles and Unni’s Famous Florentines
packed in a selection of boxes and bags

Chocolate gift basket

Coffee Cakes

Lemon poppyseed, Chocolate, lemon and walnut, French almond chocolate

Norwegian strudel with almonds, raisins and cinnamon

Dessert Sauces

Raspberry,blueberry, strawberry,mango, lemon curd,
crème anglais, chocolate grand marnier

250 ml          500 ml


All chocolates are made in our kitchen using only French & Belgian chocolate.

Decadent housemade chocolates and truffles

White, milk or dark chocolate almond clusters

Chocolate dipped strawberries


Lemon almond, apple cinnamon, carrot cake, raspberry coconut,
Mother Monsen butter squares with currants, chocolate lemon and walnut,
banana, decadent chocolate brownies

Trays of assorted loaves and squares

Dessert Centrepieces

Norwegian kransekake
18 rings

approx.120 pieces

Chocolate truffle tree
Sm – approx. 100 pieces
Lg – approx. 200 pieces

Chocolate dipped strawberry tree
approx. 100 pieces

Chocolate showpiece
priced according to design