Sandwiches and Wraps

Chef Crafted Artisan Sandwiches

Chef’s soup of yesterday with fresh baked artisan breads & butter

(our Chef believes a soup needs at least a day to mature flavors)


Tossed leafy greens with market fresh vegetables & raspberry vinaigrette

Freshly made artisan sandwiches with our Chef’s choice of bread including: Ciabatta buns, quinoa grain, multigrain bread, sundried tomato wrap (2 halves per person)

With Chef’s choice of assorted fillings, which may include:

Devilled Egg Salad- grain mustard/red onion/chopped chives/paprika/lentil/vermicelli/lettuce

Tuna Salad-celery/green onion/pickle/relish/avocado guacamole/green leaf lettuce

Rotisserie chicken-tandoori chickpea puree/feta cheese/spinach/roasted onion

Turkey bacon-tomato/green lead/cheddar/onion aioli

Roasted Vegetables-red pepper/carrot/red onion/zucchini/eggplant/Monterey Jack Cheese/spinach & artichoke spread

An assortment of Scanway Brownies, Squares and Cookies

1 sandwich per person
Add extra sandwich (2 halves)
Substitute Soup of the Day for Seafood Chowder