Brewed coffee – We sell our own dark and medium roast! Beans are sourced locally. Take it iced

Pricing: Regular/Large

Espresso Double: $2.50 Quad: $3.50

Latte $3.90/$4.25

Cappuccino $3.50/$3.90

Americano $3.00/$3.50

Canadiana (red eye) $2.90/$3.25

Café Mocha $4.35/$4.90

Macchiato $3.00/$3.50

Cafe Au Lait $2.80/$3.20

Loose teas by World Tea House

One Size: $2

Make it a Late    Reg: $3.75  Large: $5.25

– Masala Chai
– Darjeeling
– Sencha
– Earl Grey
-World Breakfast
-Pacific Coast Mint
-Peach Roobois
-Various Seasonal Teas

Scanway’s famous cakes and tortes

While we will occasionally have some of our delightful cakes on display for your purchase to gurantee availability of a cake please call ahead of time and place an order!

Princess Martha Raspberry Torte
Norwegian Marzipan Cake
Carrot Cake
Fresh Cream Torte with Seasonal fruits and berries
Lemon Chiffon with lemon curd
Roasted hazelnut with mocha cream
Chocolate fudge with ganache and chocolate buttercream
Black Forest cake

Flavours change daily! Some of our most popular include…

Acadian maple, Oulton’s smoked bacon

Boston cream, vanilla bean pastry cream, 75% chocolate ganache

Apple cinnamon with fondant glaze

Lemon cream with lemon fondant


Triple chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate, rolled in grated chocolate

Coconut, fresh shaved coconut

Peanut glaze, toasted crunchy nuts

Florentines, dipped in chocolate


Dough’ssant! (A doughnut and a croissant had a baby!)

Princess Martha raspberry torte

Norwegian marzipan cake

Fresh cream torte with seasonal fruit and berries

Lemon chiffon with lemon curd

Roasted hazelnut with mocha cream

Chocolate fudge with ganache and chocolate buttercream

Black Forest cake

Opera Torte

Scanway’s caramel cake

Carrot cake



Light Rye


Roasted garlic + olive sourdough

Potato bread

Milk Bread

Beet, carrot

Gluten-free – subject to availability

Preorder only

Lemon raspberry with raspberry buttercream

Marble with white chocolate buttercream

Vanilla with buttercream and fresh mango layered with white chocolate

Subject to availability


with jam

Almond croissant

Pain au chocolate

Skole bread

Apricot pastry cream danish



Creme brûlées


Fruit, Caramel sea salt, Lemon curd + torched meringue, Ganache + spiced nuts, Silk pie

Paris Brest

pastry cream or chocolate 
with gelato, warm ganache + Grand Marnier

German buttercream profiterole




Please pre-order!

Florentines (always in stock)

Corn nuts rolled in cocoa

Rocher Suisse

Chocolate clusters

Chocolate bark