Local food & wine
In all of our menus we use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Nova Scotia has become quite resourceful for the abundance of local food distributors and local wine.

When ordering for your next event, choose our re-usable, washable ceramic platters instead of disposable containers. We also have a re-usable plastic containers, that does not need to be returned to Scanway Catering. Also, please consider our linen napkins as an alternative to paper disposable napkins.

Once your party has ended, we recycle every part possible. From containers to paper products.  In the kitchen we have a full recycling program in place including recycling all of our cooking oils annually.

We compost all food scraps from the kitchen use and from your event. We don’t want to throw any leftover food away that hasn’t been used. Instead, we drop food leftovers to local shelters, to help the community and reduce disposal.